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Prom Proposals?

Prom poposals? Yes, you’ve read that correctly! The simple gesture of asking a guy or girl to prom in high school has taken great lengths. At first glance I thought this was pretty cute and adorable BUT over the last couple of years it has gotten a little crazy. If you don’t believe me check out these proposals below:

From jumping out of airplane?


To laying dead:


I admit this one is creative and…nasty


Oh this is interesting:


And the ultimate fail: Prom Proposal Fail

Back when I was in High school I went to two proms my ex boyfriends’s and my own and I loved the aspect of getting pretty and stylish but it wasn’t a huge part of my life that I put on a pedestal. The hair, the makeup, the manicure and pedicure, made me feel like I was a princess, I loved it! I knew a couple of girls who took the idea of prom too seriously by going to 3-4 proms for the heck of it but they could not compare to these teens these days. These prom proposals are getting WAY too big as if these are actual marriage proposals. In fact if teens can go this big with just asking a person to a dance for one night, what are their plans for marriage? Or how about a even bigger question what are those GRADES proposing? All this attention on one night can be all smiles and giggles until you find out you’re not graduating. Now wouldn’t that suck! I’m not hating on the concept but there is a thing called ” doing too much” and this certainly takes the cake. Going big isn’t necessarily a good thing, less is more. Can we please go back to the good days where our crush comes up to us in school and mouth the words ” Will you go to prom with me?”and we respond yes while doing cartwheels (and just acting a complete fool) in our heads? No? Okay, well have fun teens going on prom this year, I look forward to being swept off my feet with laughter. Cheers!


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