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To Whither or Bloom?

I was recently washing dishes and I started to notice my mother’s birthday roses. There were some that were red and others that were yellow but something looked off about the arrangement. Some of the roses appeared to be withering and my mom noticed and told me to take them out and place them in another vase so that they wouldn’t affect the other roses that were beautifully blossoming. Instantly I grabbed one rose and tried to make it stand and I said “ don’t do that rose, don’t be sad.” And I began to cry. Sensitive much? Yes and I couldn’t imagine why I would be shedding a tear over a rose that was dying. But then I thought about it.

The withering rose was symbolic to me. Let me explain… The other flowers in the vase symbolized my peers who’ve graduated and are off living their own lives and to my surprise they are blossoming in their wonderful careers. Some careers are weirdly the same places I wanted to work…odd much? Yes. So anyway the entire day before I saw the roses I felt kind of down about the whole state of me finding employment and how hard it is. The thought of it was really emotionally taking a toll on me. So when I looked at that withering rose I felt like I was looking at myself. Here I am in the same vase with my peers and instead of blooming I felt like I was slanted and withering with my head down. (If you’ve seen a withering rose it actually looks like a sad person with its head down and I was not excited being that way.) So although I shed a couple of tears following a moment, I had to realize that yes it may seem like all my peers are getting their life together but its not about them its about me.

Their success has nothing to do with my own success and me. Yes it sucks beyond measure but I have to be happy for them and move the heck on. Because being sad and angry about all the great things going for them just makes me look completely ungrateful and bitter. In that moment I had a decision to make… either I’m going to thrive, flourish, and take control of what I do have and really put my faith to work or just give up and be miserable. It’s a matter of do I want to whither or blossom. Sink or swim? The answer is I want to blossom, I want to swim, I want to be my own success, forget about everyone else. What’s meant for me will be for me I just have to be patient and let God go to work. So my question is this, are you willing to be the withering rose or a blossoming rose?


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