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Queen B’s Lemonade Review

On Saturday night Beyonce blesses us with a one hour visual art for her new album Lemonade. I first heard of this news just casually scrolling through my Instagram and I instantly turned off whatever movie my boyfriend and I were watching to turn to HBO. I was ready, I was thirsty, and just anticipating that Queen B was going to serve me all realness. Thats until I got 15 mins in and …. she completely had me in a daze…a confused one. By the time I was 30 minutes in I had so many questions so I thought I should share my thoughts. So lets begin:

  1. First thing first Beyonce slayed in all her looks which was expected. But why were most scenes so dark? I get that she’s  painting a picture but I felt sad in the midst of watching. Maybe a little creeped out as well. Yet the lyrics are what encouraged me to stayed tuned.
  2. Sooooo did Jay-Z cheat on her or is she talking about someone else? In basically all of her songs her lyrics hinted that Jay-z was unfaithful. For example in the song “Hold Up” she says “How did it come down to this, going through your call list?  I don’t wanna lose my pride but I’m f**k me up a b***h. —Whoa there B! At that very moment I thought well thats the first time Beyonce has came so bold in her music.
  3. Then I solidified the question to just including Jay-Z.  Did he really cheat on Queen B?These lyrics basically made it evident, “This is your final warning, you know I give you life. If you try this sh*t again you gon’ lose your wife.” As she proceeds to throw a ring at the camera. I was completely shocked! At this moment I thought damn this is of course serious and I’ve never felt so drawn in to her music till now. Beyonce is basically saying I can and WILL leave you! May all the ladies that can relate please stand up!! Although I am not married or have experienced cheating Beyonce made me feel mad for her at whomever. Crazy it sounds, I know but in that moment everything had just gotten real… real…REAL.beyonce-sings
  4. Are Beyonce & Jay still together? Well in her song “Forgiveness” Jay-z makes an appearance where they are laughing, hugging, and what seems to be happy. I notice Jay-z is wearing a ring but not Beyonce. (Yet she still has their matching tattoos on her finger) Could Jay-z’s infidelity be from the past where the famous elevator fight between him and his sister in law “Solange?” Seems probable the more I think about it.Solange & Jay-z Elevator Fight In fact this makes perfect sense, could the “ms. becky” be in fact Racheal Roy aka Damon Dash ex wife???rs_580x326-160424163225-Lemonade-6_42_26_PM_-_6_42_30_PM-2016-4-23-0
  5. Was there really a need to have the bulk of her songs talking or hinting about Jay-z stepping out on her? I‘m not exactly sure… I know they say theres nothing worse than a woman scorn but sheesh. If I was Jay I would lay low for a couple of days but then again if he did what he did than he should boldy face the consequences. But after deeper thought I came to the conclusion that this album was her effort to heal. It was therapeutic, honest, and let me say it again, REAL! giphy-21.gif
  6. Will I be purchasing the album? Hmmmm I really don’t know I really thought I would be nuts about the album when I’m really feeling on the fence about it. One thing for sure if I’m looking for a good “forget you boy I’m leaving” mood then I can turn to the bulk of her songs. Just playing! Or was I? This album is sure to sell like crazy because this is the first time Beyonce lets her fans in on the one of the biggest scandals in her life! Her relationship with her husband. This album is personable as heck and I think thats what fans are going to be attracted to. So for that I will buy it!

Nevertheless, Beyonce’s Lemonade was good… great actually. She worked hard to create all those visuals, the music, the lyrics, energy, and straight pure emotions! No doubt about it Lemonade was 100% REAL! Her emotions I definitely felt and I have reached a whole other level of respect for Beyonce. Sometimes I feel like people forget that Beyonce is still a human being who is capable of having feelings other than passion, love, and being fierce. And this album proves that she may be the baddest chick in the game wearing his cain (jay-z lyric)  but can still be hurt by her man. What started off as Beyonce basically telling her husband she plans to divorce him ends on a good note with laughs and forgiveness and a good ass album.

In addition, Beyonce also paid tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, sharing images of the mothers of Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and Trayvon Martin as they hold pictures of their sons who died at the hands of police officers. She also proved that she did carry her pregnancy with Blue Ivy, so please hatters you can stop making up rumors now! Anddddd she had the greatest tennis player whose incredible talent is no match for her beauty, Ms. Serena Williams twerking! I for one didn’t know she could move like that but when I saw her all I could do is scream “YES GIRL!”  Oh and did I mention that her album dropped tonight as well on Tidal and iTunes the next day??? Pssh thank you Queen B for once again sweeping us off of our feet after all….

When life gave you lemons Beyonce made LEMONADE! 333FA1BA00000578-3543661-image-a-11_1460832072373

*All photos/gifs used I do not own*


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