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Stop Waiting!

I had just gotten off the phone from a phone interview ( promising one at that) when I thought wow once I land this job I can finally go shopping, pay my bills without any help, help my mom out, start a gym membership… Before I knew it I had a list of things I could not wait to do but they were dependent on me getting this job. All of a sudden I thought why am I waiting for this one opportunity to start enjoying and doing things when I could be doing them now? Why the wait? Well the obvious answer would be due to finances but hey you have what you have and you do what you can right?

But beyond that there are a lot of things I could be doing while I’m waiting. I feel like a lot of people wait to enjoy life, have fun, and doing things that matter because they are worried or concerned that they don’t have everything they need. Get out of that mindset! Sometimes you won’t have all the ingredients but that doesn’t mean you can’t use substitutions! There other alternatives than you can explore. Your happiness shouldn’t be contingent on whatever you are waiting for. What will happen if you never get what you are desperately waiting for? Whats going to be your next move? Are you still going to do the things you want to do?

Now you may not be like me waiting on a job, it could be that promotion, the right grade, money and etc. Your happiness is worth more than what you’re limiting too and you only have one life to enjoy, have fun, and be spontaneous. Don’t waste it on a stubborn list you have made up in your mind that can only happen if you get this and that. Forget that list, scratch out that mindset, and go after what you want. With God on my side I know he makes the impossible, POSSIBLE  for me and thats where I get my happiness from. I’m confident in knowing that I’m going to be able to do anything I put my mind to without the worrying and stress. That alone gives me everything I need! So I ask again what’s your next move?


2 thoughts on “Stop Waiting!

  1. there is never going to be a perfect time to start doing things so may as well start now. “Sometimes you won’t have all the ingredients but that doesn’t mean you can’t use substitutions! There other alternatives than you can explore.” completely agree, you do with what you got, great post:)

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