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The Interview Pt.1

Continuing on from my first post on here entitled “What They Don’t Tell You About Post Grad Life Pt. 1” I promised to have a post regarding “The Interview” and boy don’t I have a couple of stories I would love to share. Before I begin I would like to point out that this isn’t a negative, sad, or depressed story but more so a long funny rant of my experiences.

I have landed about 5-7 interviews, varying from in person to over the phone. First thing I would like to bring up is this solid question… Since when are screening calls allowed for interviews? Excuse me for not being too knowledgable that screening calls are basically pre interview calls before you come in but sheesh. In essence they determine if you are a great fit for the position and if you are good enough coming for a interview in the hiring process or if they would just like to cut ties with you. As stated before I had no idea these were a real thing because all of the previous jobs I’ve had in the past would involve just a email or phone call asking when I was available for a interview and the dress attire. That being said when I received the first phone call for an a interview I was borderline anxious and excited at the same time. The hiring recruiter simply asked how I was doing, the weather, just small talk. In the back of my mind I’m thinking that she’s about to just tell me the time for the interview and end the call but no. She went on by asking this rather innocent question which I didn’t know at the time would be a pain in the neck later on. “Do you have some time for me to ask you a few questions?” Of course, I said yes thinking that this would be harmless. However, the conversation went from 5 minutes to close to 30 minutes up to part where I thought wait is this an interview? Automatically, my brain clicks to professional interview mode which involves me being somewhat of a fast nervous talker. The sweat begins to climb from my hands to my upper body with each deeper yet specific question she asked. By the end I felt somewhat confident, relieved, and eager to know what the next words were going to be out her mouth. “Great great, well we would like for you to come in for an interview at this time and day.” What?

In my mind I’m thinking wait wait, that wasn’t the interview? There’s going to be another sweat session aka interview? Of course I did not bring up these burning questions to her. But lets just say by the time I finished the second interview (which was in person) I wasn’t impressed with the company but felt inclined to take it because its a job…and I need a job right? Not to get too specific but the woman made the position sound completely unpleasant and the waiting time was two weeks which gave me plenty of time to decide if I even wanted it. As soon as I left out the building her words stuck to me like a piece of lint on a t-shirt. “If you don’t here from me don’t worry you can just email me a reminder.” What type of mess is that? Oh and another wild statement she made: “this position is a first come first serve basis, I will send out a email about a gig and whoever responds first gets to work for the day.” *Looks for Austin Kutcher to pop out* This woman had to be kidding me right? No she was so serious! This was so surprising to me because this company is definitely hugely known internationally and I was concerned if I had even came in for the correct interview. Yes, it may have been a part time position but I didn’t sign up for a “first come, first serve” ordeal. Thinking over all of these things gave me enough courage to turn down the position and move on to the next. The next following interviews were definitely interesting to say the least but I will break them down in two creatively titled phases.

Phase 1: So…This Isn’t Paid? 14849h

I’ve had a total of 3 job interviews that went successful all the way up until it was my turn to ask the closing questions to the employers. Now before these particular interviews I have never asked the question of whether or not the position was paid until I left Los Angeles. In Los Angeles I ran into a phony internship that wasn’t paid or even real!!! Completely disappointing but I managed to catch on to it quickly. But any who back to the three interviews. I asked the three following questions: When does this position began? Is it remote or an exact office location( only asked if the position didn’t have an address listed on the website)? And lastly, is this position paid? Out of the three interviews NONE of them passed more than one question and to my surprised neither of the three were paid!

Once the employers told me no I completely lost interest in the position. Not to sound rude but I am a recent grad trying to make a living with tons of student loan debt. So a non paying job wasn’t what I was looking for. In addition, once the employers said “no this position isn’t paid” they would provide me with the most absurd explanations as to why. These explanations really did harm more than good and just were a complete epic fail.

Stay Tuned for Pt 2 in my next post!


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