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The Interview Pt. 2

Continuing on from part 1 of “The Interview”…

Phase 2: Can You Say Scam? phaedra-parks-rhoa-hubby-going-to-jail-fraud

Now that I’ve covered the section of jobs that were unpaid the last portion of the interviews shocked me the most. These interviews really had me to question whether or not I was dreaming or should I just give up on humankind all together? It all started with Zip recruiter. All three of these positions I found on that website, they weren’t exactly in my field but I was open to trying something new, and they all were new companies. The first position was this new marketing based company, located in the downtown area of my hometown. The first sign, this job not only emailed me but they texted me asking to speak with me. PAUSE! What job texts you? I went through the screening call with ease and scheduled a interview later on in the week. The assistant kindly gave me the address which I did not think to look up to verify until the day of the interview, second sign of trouble. The day of the interview it took me 30- 45 mins to get to the building which was not located exactly downtown at all but more so up north. Once I drove into the parking lot I literally thought , what the heck did I just do? The building was hideous and barely noticeable in the corner of a strip mall, third sign.

Nevertheless, I progressed and went inside of the building not feeling nervous at all but curious as to what I was about to walk in to. Does this company own this entire building? Are the offices going to look dingy? As I reach the floor of the company I walk in and I find the office empty. There was no receptionist at the desk but someone shouted out if I was here for an interview. The boss comes out of his office and greets me and you know what the interview went well.

While I was talking to him it didn’t feel like I was being interviewed at all but more so I was interviewing him. He reassured me that marketing wasn’t hard to do and made the position sound not too bad. Because he knew that I was still on fence about the position he told me that he would like for me to shadow someone at the office for the day. In my mind I’m thinking that it sounds reasonable until he says ” so we begin at 7 a.m. would that be fine?” 7 a.m.? As in 7 in the morning, um sure.  A day or two later I had time to reflect on everything as usual. While pondering on the next time I come in for the shadowing something dawn on me… He said I was shadowing one of my soon to be co-workers but I can recall him saying that the daily routine is that they usually leave the office to go out to other companies and don’t return until 5 p.m. That could be a problem seeing as though I don’t own a car of my own, I share a car my mothers car. Which would mean that I would need to be in the same car with a person that I do not know going to a location that I do not know for several hours. Nope! That is where I drew the line, I was over it and was ready to notify them that I was no longer interested. But the feeling of guilt came over me so I decided to sleep on it before I made the final decision to either progress or cut ties.

The next morning I wake up still indecisive as to what I was going to do so I discussed the position with my significant other. Initially he insured me that it wasn’t a big deal but then I told him all of the signs leading up to my final decision. Feeling just as much indecisive as I was he decided to look up the company further and really research the company where he later found a review from previous employees. Once he read the first two reviews my mouth literally dropped. The bulk of the reviews claimed that the job description was untrue, the pay was extremely low, and that is was a total scam!! This information gave me motivation to email the company immediately telling them that I was no longer interested. This research method proved to be effective for the last two interviews I had. Both started out harmless as if they were normal and not scam like. One position I applied to late night, got a call the next morning for an interview. I was just about to agree until I researched them and found out they were liars as well and weren’t even located in the address they had listed. The other position I applied to early in the morning and received a response at 12 a.m. for an interview. I ignored it quickly thinking that by no response they would understand that I wasn’t interested. By the morning I received another email and two seconds afterwards they called me. Before they could begin there spill I kindly responded sorry but I cannot continue. Not to mention the last two positions both had bad reviews on the internet *insert rolling eyes*bqZpW

In the end despite the interesting interviews I’ve had thus far I am still hopeful on my job search. No matter how many I go through I know that there is the perfect job out there that has my name written all over it. My occupation right now is to stay faithful, be positive, and continue to intern and write freely. Very very soon I am going to conclude my search and everything that I have endured during this process will make a impactful testimony. As stated before this isn’t a negative, sad, or depressed story but more so a long funny rant on my experiences. Through these past interviews I’ve learned to research research and research before even applying for a job, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to say no. I cannot wait to write my next post and let you all in on my excitement, until then I’m going to continue to walk by faith and not by sight.

*All photos & gifs I do not own*


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