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Memories On A Camera Roll

Have you ever been so bored you’ve went through your past photos in your phone? 

iPhone has this feature where it breaks your camera roll photos up into albums and these albums create dates and locations. Normally I just go through the photos and delete the unnecessary ones but this time it was different. All of a sudden I found myself going through each photo and literally reminiscing on what I was doing in the photo. 

I scrolled all the way up to top where my photos began because I have way too many photos to just view it at one time. My photo started with back in 2013 where I was smiling from ear to ear with my significant other. Undoubtedly I was so happy and nothing could every go wrong. Continuing to scroll I could tell where I was happy, sad, faking to have a good time, and motivated. My favorite memories were when I was in LA and I was so happy deep inside but while there you could not convince me of that. 

I’m saying all of this because I realized that I want my life to be more of the genuine happiness I had in my photos. The photos that I had where I was clearly upset didn’t last long because the next day or month I was back like I never left. That’s the feeling I could have now and what I’ve decided to have now! Any sadness that you may have or anger or any negative feeling is always temporary! Turn the page and create a better and happier memory that you can look back on for years to come and take a photo of it. Like they said a picture is worth a thousand words so use them wisely! 


4 thoughts on “Memories On A Camera Roll

  1. “Any sadness that you may have or anger or any negative feeling is always temporary!” I’ve told myself this so many times when feeling bad, it really helps thinking about it this way.

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