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The 5 Second Rule to Positivty

You’ve heard the phrase plenty of times when you drop some food on the ground. Depending on what type of food it is whether it’s a piece of candy, a piece of meat, vegetable and etc. once you drop it your heart (well maybe mine) skips a beat. Never in fear because someone around you if not yourself quickly says “5 Second Rule” as you gladly retrieve your food and wash it off. Now to be fair I haven’t really applied this rule since I was younger but it’s always a chuckle or a smirk when I see someone else do it. I think to myself “wow they put all that trust, faith, and hope knowing that their piece of food can be salvaged by just saying that rule.” So then I quickly thought where else can that rule be applied to effectively? 

Positivity that’s what! I came up with this solution through a casual conversation with my mother. We were discussing how your attitude can swiftly change from being positive all due to your surroundings and who you are talking to from day to day. I’m not sure about anyone else but I cannot stand when I’m having a good day and one of my friends decides to call me up or text me something negative. By the end of the call I’m feeling defensive, uptight, and ready to produce negative word vomit anywhere the opportunity presents itself. So while talking to my mother I told her people should not only apply the 5 second rule to food but their own life when it comes to positivty. As soon as you hear or see something bad you have 5 seconds to turn it around to something positive! We have these amazing minds filled with beautiful thoughts and it’s a complete and utter shame that we would waste our time, energy, and words speaking badly/negatively. 

I’m learning more and more that my thoughts truly alter my attitude which ultimately dictates my day. Once one small spec of negativity enters I might as well go back to bed and try to do my day all over again. Because once you think it, you will feel it, and sink in it. Wouldn’t you rather be happy, joyful, positive, and feeling empowered? So the next time something bad or negative has happened or spoken in your ear think to yourself “5 second rule!” You have 5 seconds to turn whatever the situation or conversation around to positive!

Photo Cred: Youth Group Collective 


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