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I Got The Job!!

After a long awaited 6 months, my prayers have finally been answered! This blessing is a true testament of staying steadfast even through the hard times. Believe me it wasn’t easy to keep going day by day without a job but the thought/ the vision of me getting that promising call kept me sane. To be honest, the week before I was called in for an interview I was actually getting comfortable with not having a job. I was making plans with friends to do things during the week, I grew accustomed to sleeping late, and I had loads of free time. Of course I knew that couldn’t last forever and eventually I needed income. Now that I’m employed I am extremely grateful to God for supplying everything that I asked for! There maybe a few hiccups but the positive will always outweigh the bad.

The biggest lesson I learned from this was of course to breathe, relax, but most importantly PRAY! Pray when you’re feeling sad, lonely, unmotivated, doubtful, and in my case desperate to get out of feeling worthless. This journey has definitely been eye opening but I can say that it has made me stronger. I must of replied to over 60 applications and some interviews were questionable I had faith that my job was waiting for me. Let my story be a testimony for those who are struggling with being employed. Know that there is a job out there for you! It could be your dream job or that special job that is a step in the door into where you want to go.

Do not ever and I repeat do not ever SETTLE! Know your worth and trust your worth. I understand circumstances happen but if you’re not comfortable at where you at CHANGE IT! Don’t feel pressured to take a job that is way below your standards, you didn’t put yourself through years of college or schooling in general for absolutely nothing! Be confident that you are smart, talented, creative, and extremely capable at doing anything you put your mind to. This is your life and not a dress rehearsal. Also, know that God hears your cries at night, your prayers, and knows what you’re thinking before you do. He wouldn’t allow you to go through the storm if he didn’t think you would make it out stronger and powerful more than ever. My job is just the beginning to where I want to go, its a fantastic start but I know my destiny is definitely closer to reach more than ever!



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