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Never Have I Ever: Been On A 1st Date

Do you remember what it felt like going on your first date with your crush? It was a combination of butterflies and heart pumping out of your chest type of emotions screaming out. You would plan your outfit for like a week hoping you would get it right and you were all set and prepared just in case the weather would act crazy. And when the date day finally arrived you spend the entire day pampering yourself including doing your hair hours in advance (if you’re like me you did it an hour before lol) showering, doing your nails, and in the midst of this your favorite tunes are playing in the background. When he finally arrived and knocked on your door you literally have to calm yourself down from looking too thirsty yet excited so you put on a front as if you’re cool, calm, and collected. You open the door and …officially your night had begun. Those first words he speaks could either make or break the night. In addition all throughout the night you are either one of these type of women. Either you’re A.The woman who counts up every single thing he does as imaginary points and then total them at the end of the night to see whether or not you two will continue. 

Or you could be woman B. Who just enjoys the night, no matter what happens you are strictly there to go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Well….I’m a little both I don’t necessarily count points but I do notice things here and there such as does he open the door for me and does he not make me the trip trip girl (yes Steve Harvey quote). Does he bring stimulating conversation or do I need to guide him the whole night? I want to be able to see if he can lead without any of input as to what we should do. Don’t get me wrong it’s almost impossible not to have a woman’s input but to know that he has gotten it all taken care of is sooooo refreshing. That last brief moment where you are at your door says it all. Will he recap the night with a kiss or is a to be continued type? 

It’s funny how I can describe a first date but never have actually been on one. My past and previous relationships consisted of a guy liking me and us talking to then him asking me out to be his girlfriend and the rest was history. I never thought about it till now how …that was so weird. It makes me question a few things but I often mostly think am I just now the first date type? Am I just the I need her now to be mine type? Is that a good thing I’m not  quite sure. I’ll let you know when I finally find an answer! Stay tuned….


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